Watch How She Transforms An Old Dresser Into The Amazing Mexican Serape Look (Spectacular!)

I get a kick out of watching Debi, with Debi’s Design Diary, and all the fabulous DIY projects she does, plus, she’s quite the character!

She cleverly takes an old dresser and transforms it into this remarkable work of art that resembles a Mexican Serape. I love the look of Old Mexico and all the bright colors! This is a great addition for anyone’s home and quite the conversation piece.

This look goes with most decors and adds a fabulous pop of color to any room. I have a lot of color in my home and am certainly going to do this awesome DIY! Anything that looks unique is what I always fall in love with. I love the rustic look about the way she has finished off this project. She shows you how to scrap the paint in places to give it an old weathered look and all the unique ways to finish off a piece of furniture.

Mexican art is all the rage in homes, especially in Texas, where I live. There’s always a way to incorporate it into your decor. I think it makes things more interesting in a home. It would look great with a pair of old cowboy boots sitting next to it!

Old dressers are cheap and easy to get on Craigslist or a thrift store and this is such a fun and exciting project. I’m chomping at the bit to get started on doing this for my home!

Watch the fabulous transformation of this old dresser in Debi’s step by step tutorial!




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