Watch How She Transforms Fiber Board Pictures Into An Incredible Farmhouse Tray!

This project takes a few simple supplies. I started with a couple of fiberboard pictures that I found at a garage sale, wooden knobs leftover from another project , E600 glue and some chalk paint.

Some people use an old square pan, trays or even wooden box type trays to do this project, but I just loved the way this gal made hers so that’s how I made mine.

I made one of these for my home and my daughter liked it so much that I made one for her, along with a couple of other gifts for her birthday.

When I made mine I used large round wooden balls I bought from Michael’s because I couldn’t find the ones like she uses in her tutorial. They work and look just as good.

I have mine sitting on my large coffee table and love how it looks with a view of my favorite trinkets and a large candle sitting on it!

If you love rustic or farmhouse decor this is an item you’ve got to make! It’s so easy a takes no time to do. It will add a great element to your decor.

If you’re into Shabby Chic decor this will be a perfect addition to that style as well.

Watch how Shante Vega makes this great looking tray in her step by step tutorial.




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