Watch How She Upcycles Mason Jar Lids Into Special Magnets (Too Cute!)

Mason jars are one of UnOriginal Mom’s favorite things to use in home and party decor. She uses them all the time as vases  and often uses painted mason jars in her party decor. But that means she accumulated lots of leftover mason jar lids! Of course, she didn’t throw them away…because who knows when you’re going to need a dozen or so mason jar lids for a random craft project, right?

UnOriginal Mom saw some magnet photo frames using baby jar lids, and that’s when the inspiration struck – why not upcycle those leftover mason jar lids as some cute little magnet photo frames? Adorable! And best of all, super easy. The challenge, though, was finding some adhesive that would be up to the task. Originally she tried making these with regular hot glue, but when she went to press the magnet onto the back, the lid insert she had hot glued on just popped right off. The next one lasted through attaching the magnet but after a time or two of being put on and off the fridge the magnet just came off. Her regular craft store hot glue just wasn’t up to the challenge of metal-on-metal, or holding onto a magnet.

Then, she was introduced to a new product from Gorilla Glue – Gorilla Hot Glue! This stuff is amazing. Seriously. A new must-have for crafters. It’s hot glue sticks that you can use in your regular glue gun on high or low temp, but it’s a lot more durable.

Gorilla Hot Glue is weather resistant, so it’s great for both indoor and outdoor projects, like wreaths, plus it has a 45 second “extended working time” – so it’s so much easier to work with that regular hot glue. It worked like a charm adhering the metal mason jar lid insert to the ring, and held the magnet on the back with no problem.  I can’t wait to use this on more projects. It’s available at Walmart, so hurry over there to snag a bag and try it out for yourself!

I was always looking for cute magnets to put up my kids drawings and photos on my refrigerator. Now I have magnets that hold their photos and their drawings too! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Watch how UnOriginal Mom makes these adorable Mason jar lid magnets in her step by step tutorial!

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