Watch How They Make These Ridiculously Cool Ornaments Out Of Leftover Wrapping Paper!

We always have tons of leftover bits and pieces of wrapping paper that we just toss in the trash because we don’t realize there are some pretty cool things that can be done with it.

On Pinterest there are so many incredible ideas for repurposing left-over wrapping paper, so make sure to check it out before disposing of something that could be a treasure!

Just a few ideas for upcycling wrapping paper, for example, are cute gift tags, wreaths, Christmas cards, wrapping paper cones to put cookies and/or candy in, covering storage boxes and the list goes on and on!

What I’ve done in the past is pack up the left over wrapping paper in my wrapping paper box and I have all these small rolls of paper that I never reuse for presents. Call me a pack rat, but I was glad to have some DIY ideas so I can do something with them, besides keep piling it into my box!

Don’t you just love how bright and colorful these ornaments are that they make on the Rachael Ray Show? I thought it was such a clever idea and a great hobby for my family to do over the holiday season. I was able to get everybody involved in this little project and we ended up with some pretty cool ornaments to hang on our tree, plus, we were about to upcycle the wrapping paper!

Watch how they make these cute ornaments in their step by step tutorial!




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