Watch How They Make This Fabulous Farmhouse Table For $50!

I watch a lot of HGTV and Joanna and Chip Gaines are always giving their carpenter the task to build  fabulous farmhouse tables for the decor in their client’s homes they have remodeled.

This table isn’t quite as large as some of the ones you see on the show, but this is a great tutorial to use to make your own down sized version!

I’ve always wanted a farmhouse table for entertaining on my covered patio. My husband and I made one on a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m so excited to finally have one!

Since making my DIY farmhouse table I am always inviting family over for a lunch on a beautiful day. My family always show up with desserts and all kinds of goodies for the occasion!  The cousins have a grand time playing in the back yard while we’re grilling and then we usually make homemade ice cream or eat watermelon!

At dusk the kids are asking for jars so they can catch lightening bugs.  A great time is had by all and memories are made. It’s amazing how a simple farmhouse table was the beginning of bringing our family together to enjoy each others company.

Watch how RehabLife makes this awesome table in their step by step tutorial and you can start a new family tradition!

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