Thursday, December 7

Watch How This Brilliant Slide Out Pantry is Made And Have Everything At Your Fingertips!

Isn’t this the greatest thing since sliced bread? I was so excited when I saw this idea and just had to share it with the world! Who wouldn’t want (and need) one of these for their kitchen?

This has freed up so much space for me and, not to mention, how convenient it is to have at your fingertips! I got so tired of going to my pantry, which was right outside my kitchen. This has solved the running back and forth to get the items I need to cook with…it’s unbelievably handy!

Here’s how to steal some much needed kitchen storage, and not take up any more room in doing so.

If you live in a small apartment with an even smaller kitchen that is lacking in the storage department this is an even more brilliant idea. So if you need a new cabinet, and since you don’t have permission to put big holes in the walls for more cabinetry, I thought that the 4.5 inch gap between your refrigerator and the wall could work.

So, if you want to be able to just pull the pantry out and grab whatever you need and slide it back into hiding this is it! You’ll love how much storage it actually has and that it does not take up any additional space.

Watch how Clutterbug shows you exactly where to go to get the step by step instructions for building this priceless gem!

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

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