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Watch How To Build A Super Cool Leaning Wall Desk!

Ana White does it again! She builds an ultra cool leaning wall desk and it serves more purposes than just a desk. Look at all the great shelf space this DIY project offers you! I’m always up for any project that offers more storage space.

If you live in a small space, without the luxury of having a dedicated office and need a desk that will maximize storage and functionality this is a great solution! Or, you may just be looking for something cool like this unit for your office, where you can add a sofa or lounging chairs. This desk does it.  Oh, and keep in mind that this would be the perfect desk and shelving unit for a dorm room, if you have kiddos going to college or if you happen to be one of those kids in college!

I’ve been using it for about a week now, and can’t even express how much I love it!!!  The desk area is just big enough for my monitor, keyboard and mouse – no clutter can accumulate there!  And with all the different sized shelves at different heights, I can keep all my stuff organized and within easy reach. On the lower larger shelves, I keep my recycling basket and printer, the next level of shelves is baskets to hide all my electronics and cords and a few books.  Moving up, I keep more books, a receipt collection bucket.  On the shelves just above the monitor, I keep the mail, pencils and office accessories – it’s too high for my grand babies  to get into and too narrow to clutter with other stuff.  The top shelf is pretty much decor and seldom used items.

I built this desk on Saturday, working here and there, as much as I could with kids around.  It took me a few hours to build and stain and clear coat.  Then on Sunday I assembled the desk and brought into the house.  That took another couple of hours.  So about five hours total – not bad!

The reason this was such a quick and easy build is all of the shelves are just 1x boards.  The top shelf is 1×6, the next shelf is 1×8, then 1×10, 1×12 and the bottom shelf is two 1x8s.  I didn’t have to rip plywood or edge band or anything like that – just cross cut and go!

Watch how Ana White cleverly builds this great leaning wall desk in her step by step tutorial!

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