Watch How To Make A Beautiful Waterless Snow Globe Into A Winter Wonderland Ornament!

A fun twist to a traditional winter craft.  Learn how to make waterless snow globes with this great tutorial by Toni Ellison.

There’s something magical about snow globes, and today I’m sharing a way for you to bring that magic to your Christmas tree!  This simple snow globe ornaments DIY tutorial will create beautiful additions to your Christmas tree this year. The sparkly glitter inside looks beautiful with the shine of the tree lights.

I believe most of us love snow globes, but this is a different type of snow globe…it’s waterless AND it’s an ornament! I’ve been meaning to make these for the last few years.  It’s such an easy craft and the possibilities are endless!

This miniature snowy tree snow globe is probably the simplest DIY Christmas ornament I’ve ever made! It only took me about five minutes, and I just love how it turned out!

Combine that with a hanging version for the tree and how adorable are they? So I found some little trees and hanging globe ornaments at the Michael’s.  The actual process was easy enough, so I made several of these. Then I went back and bought more to give away for an extra little gift to my family and friends.

Watch how Toni Ellison makes these adorable ornaments in her step by step tutorial.





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