Watch The Breathtaking Fall Decor Item She Makes After Cutting This Pumpkin In Half!

I must say that I was rather taken by this DIY project for the fall season. I couldn’t believe she bought all of her supplies at the dollar store for only $3!

This is one of those projects that I couldn’t wait to make. I just love pumpkins and burlap and the way she did this wall decor looks like something out of a home decor magazine or something you would buy at Pottery Barn!

There are so many of us that think of Fall as our favorite season. I think it may be that we love our homes, decorating, and the idea of the warmth and comfort that the cooler seasons bring.

We love Spring and Summer, but there’s something about fall that causes us to hunt and gather and then give our homes those special touches of nature that we only find at harvest time.

I love the way she paints one pumpkin a creamy off white color and the other one a nice toned down pumpkin color, giving it a vintage look. When she glues them on burlap it makes the whole project look rich. It just goes to show you what you can make by using cheap items from the dollar store.

We have no excuse for spending a lot of money on fall decor, with all of the brilliant DIY tutorials and ideas available to us today. And, I might add that most of the projects are super easy…even a child can do them!

Watch how Auntie Coo Coo makes this awesome fall decor piece in her step by step tutorial.


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