Watch The Clever Thing She Does With This Little Red Car And Christmas Tree!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start making Christmas gifts and decorations since it will be here soon!

I don’t think I can wait a moment longer before sharing this super cool tutorial with you…the car in jar snow globe. I found a vintage red VW Beetle on eBay, but since then have seen red VW’s in Michaels and various other places. Another car to consider using would be a any kind of red car or a Woody station wagon. I made one of each for my home. I just love the way these look!

All you need is the car, a miniature Christmas tree, mason jar, a small piece of styrofoam and fake snow (which you can either buy or make by putting styrofoam in a blender). This is so cheap to make and takes only minutes to make!

Such an easy DIY project, yet one of the cutest and most eye catching of most of our decorations. The gal that makes this calls it Christmas in a jar and it’s a fun and unique snow globe that you will enjoy sitting amongst your other decorations.

After you’ve made one of these for your home you can make some of these for your friends and family to enjoy too!

Watch how Aira Tran makes this cool looking snow globe in her step by step tutorial.



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