Watch The Clever Way She Repurposes Old Sweaters!

What a brilliant idea this is! I think most of us have old sweaters that we’ve been hanging onto…at least I know I did so this was the perfect DIY project for repurposing my old sweaters!

The weather has definitely taken a turn around here and in fact it is down right cold out, all the time it seems … well, not Minnesota cold, but cold for Texas. And, when the wind picks up a bit, and I’m outside walking my dogs … a wool scarf is about the only thing that really warms me up to the core.

I was so excited about this particular tutorial since I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of my sweaters and, finally, there was something I could do with them that served a great purpose.

I know what I’m going to be doing for Christmas gifts next year! I’ve got plenty of sweaters to make every female in my family a warm scarf.

Ok so, as you can see these are pretty darn cute and so simple to make and makes really cute gifts for friends and family! Needless to say, this scarf cost me nothing to make!

Watch how Tuja Wellness makes this cool recycled sweater scarf in her step by step tutorial.



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