Watch The Fabulous And Useful Piece He Makes! (UNIQUE!)

I’m a BIG fan of all things unique and different! I certainly love the looks of this piece and always have a need for one of these! You can never have too many!

This is such an awesome design for a shelf, making it look like a true one of a kind! It looks difficult, but as you can see looks can be deceiving! I skipped through his little spiel he inserted in his tutorial…I wanted to get to the meat of this DIY! You may want to do the same! It’s certainly worth the watch!

These shelves were popular about fifty years ago and came back nowadays as any other good idea. We make them the same way as they did then. It’s just a box hanging on brackets which are hidden inside the box. Floating shelves fit minimalist interior design because they have no external visible holdings. They look as if they are “floating” on the wall.

The function of shelves in a space is multiple, they are used in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, children’s room, bedroom, bathroom, etc … open shelves can beautify large indoor spaces, giving them great dynamics and an awesome cradle of art pieces, family photos and other decorative items.

Shelves can be very useful in the nursery and the child’s room, for all sorts of things. In addition, they can enhance any room and give it a lot of personal charm by combining favorite things and interests of the child. Shelves in the child’s room are always welcome, and there are some interesting solutions for the shelves in the child’s room on all types of DIY sites to make with very little money and a little imagination. Keep in mind that floating shelves can be made from a half of hollow core door, so from two halves of the door you will get two shelves.

Check out DIY Creators step by step tutorial so you can make one of these rockin’ shelves!


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