Watch The Genius Thing She Does To Create More Closet Space!

Doing this never would have occurred to me. My first thought was “why didn’t this ever dawn on me?” Well, I’ve got Lisa Pullano to thank for this incredible idea! A big thanks, Lisa! I’m sure there are others thanking you too! All I’ve got to say is that THIS is the BOMB!

It seems like I’m always needing more closet space and as a result my closet looks like a bomb exploded in there! I’m always seeing bookcases being thrown away, so if you don’t have one to do this project, I’m sure you can easily find one, if you don’t have one, so you can get busy doing this too! I love the way she added her own personal touches with the picture frames and hooks for hanging her jewelry, sunglasses and the small things we have trouble keeping up with. The way she adds wrapping paper to the back of the bookcase, after removing the shelves gives it that extra touch that makes it look special. She added little LED lights to the inside top of her bookshelf, which I think is a great idea, but you have options whether you want to add this particular feature. Of course, every gal needs sequined hangers and she shows you how easy it is to add sequin trim to hangers. This is all up to you, but the closet space is my big need and this tutorial provided this for me! I actually did two bookshelves in my closet because I was in desperate need of closet space. I couldn’t get a stick of gum between my hanging clothes!

Now, what I need to remember, is that I have ENOUGH clothes and I need to get rid of some things before I buy new ones! I’m such a clothes horse! I almost have panic attacks when I start to get rid of anything! Although, I am getting a little better!

Watch the way she glamorizes her closet, and creates more closet space, in this step by step tutorial. You can be on your way to breathing a sigh of relief too!





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