Watch The Glamour Hack She Does With Her Boyfriend’s Shirt (Brillant!)

Ok, I’ll admit it…I love men’s shirts and have a habit of “borrowing” shirts from my boyfriend, but what I didn’t know was this clever trick that Mr. Kate shows us in this tutorial.

I was really glad to see this technique for making a man’s shirt fit after tucking it into my jeans. I’ve always just rolled the sleeves up and worn the shirt out over my jeans…not any more!

I’ve tried to tuck in a large men’s shirt into my jeans and it never looked quite right. After seeing how Mr. Kate does this, I felt kind of goofy! It’s such an easy and smart trick! After all, I do have a few men’s shirts hanging in my closet! A woman needs to know about this clever trick…at least this woman needed to know.

Keep in mind that I do buy my boyfriend great shirts all the time…it’s not like I’m a klepto or anything! Sometimes I exchange the old one’s I’ve “borrowed” for the new ones for versatility! One of these days, I might just break down and buy myself a men’s shirt! Ha!

Some of you ladies may not be guilty of doing this, but for the ones that do, I thought it was a must share. There’s just something about a man’s shirt that is so appealing to me. Maybe I need a 12 step program!

Watch how Mr. Kate does this in her step by step tutorial, if you’re one of those gals like me!



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