Watch The Incredible Way She Transforms An Old Dresser Into A Useful Kitchen Island!

More and more people are using old furniture pieces for permanent fixtures in their homes. Now days we see old dressers used for bathroom vanities and in this tutorial she uses one for her kitchen island and they create a more unique and custom effect to the room.

I went in search of ideas for a kitchen island and ran across Debi’s tutorial. This whole project started with the fact that  I have more kitchen items than some people have clothes.

I love to cook, bake, decorate cakes, make homemade pastas, you name it!  So how was I going to solve my problem with a shortage of storage space?

Lucky for us we have a great sized kitchen which gave us a chance to have an Island. Not a huge one, but one big enough to offer more counter space and storage for my odds and ends.

My husband I went to a thrift store and found the perfect dresser to transform into our kitchen island. Granted I love the concept Debi does…the paint job? Not so much.  We painted ours a nice deep turquoise color, giving it a weathered look, and used a light colored stain on a butcher block top for it. We absolutely love it and it provides drawers for all the things I was needing extra storage for!

Watch how Debi with Debi’s Design Diary does this project in her step by step tutorial.



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