Watch The Incredible Way She Transforms An Ordinary Sweater Making It Very Stylish!

I’m in love with what she does to change up this basic sweater.  She gives it some pizazz and  a style that is the rage right now and she definitely knows what she’s doing.

She has has a sweater refashion with a twist. It makes a perfect transitional piece. As a matter of fact, it had been on her to-try-list ever since she saw it last year. When she noticed it was back this season, she took that as her queue.

I love all the details that are being put into clothing right now. It’s much more interesting than previous fashions.

Just a little twist or detail in clothing can make a world of difference in their charm and appeal. This is such a feminine and classy look and I couldn’t wait to do this!

She tells us to use an oversized sweater (collarless, basic flat knit and lightweight) for refashioning this sweater into this stunning look.

In case you’re wondering, she used a men’s sweater in a size medium, which she got from a  thrift store.

Watch how she transforms this average looking sweater, into something spectacular, in her step by step tutorial.





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