Watch The Magnificent Way She Decorates A Pumpkin For Her Fall Decor!

There are so many amazing ideas for making a spectacular statement this fall and this is definitely one of them that you’ll want to see…and probably do!

Have a Fall pumpkin that needs a facelift? This is a quick and easy way to do it. Great use for your Fall home decor for any weather during the Fall season.

I fell in love with this gorgeously decorated pumpkin…I think it’s my favorite so far. This sure beats the heck out of a regular old orange pumpkin, right?

It’s amazing what people are doing to pumpkins this year! So many fabulous ideas to choose from, so you may want to do more than one!

We have no excuse for not putting out a pumpkin that hasn’t been embellished in some sort of way, unless you’re just completely out of steam without a minute to spare. If that’s the case, get your kiddos involved in your fall decorations. It’ll give them something to do and keep them occupied while you try to relax.

These are perfect for the people who don’t enjoy cutting open a pumpkin and dealing with the messing guts of them.

Watch how Maria decorates this beautiful pumpkin in her step by step tutorial.



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