Watch The Resourceful Tips You Can Use Aluminum Foil For Other Than Wrap Food!

I was just browsing the internet and ran across these interesting tips and my curiosity got the best of me when I saw there were a lot of other useful things you could do with aluminum foil other than cover food with it.

I already knew about a couple of these tips, but the others were new to me and I really benefited from seeing this.

For instance, I had no idea that you could put a piece of aluminum foil on your ironing board and only iron one side of your clothing, since the aluminum foil causes the heat to also go through to the back of the clothing while ironing on the front. Anything like this that will save me some time (especially ironing) I’m all in! Just seeing it for this one tip would have been worth the time to watch!

I also had no idea that you could clean glue off of a glue gun with a wadded up piece of aluminum foil…or clean an iron. Wonderful to know!

Also, try sharpening your cheap household scissors by cutting through folding up foil a few times and cutting through it. It works!

After watching the other tips this video by WEAREX provides, make sure to look on Pinterest at all of the other things you can use aluminum foil for. I was really surprised at what I learned…the list goes on and on!





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