Watch The Super Cool Things He Makes With These Pringles Cans!

I’m stumped for words, once again…how do people think of these things? Although, I was very intrigued by the the can holder. I buy a case of cat food at a time and this has helped me get organized. This idea also keeps the cans from falling over in the shelf, giving me easy access when I need to grab one. My hat’s off to this guy with Shake the Future for this clever solution!

The little game he makes out of the lid reminds me of something my genius Grandson would come up with. He’s always creating something interesting. I call him my young Einstein!

The coaster would come in handy if you don’t have any coasters or need one in a pinch, but I was most intrigued with the can holder and little game in this tutorial.

I actually made a couple of the can holders, since it saves so much space and is so convenient. This allows me to see how many cans I have left too.

Crafters on Pinterest have made all kinds of things out of Pringles cans. I saw the cutest Santa Claus and it would be a great craft for children. They are adorable!

These cans also come in handy for storing spaghetti, giving gifts of caramel corn, Christmas cookies and more! One gal made a ribbon holder out of a Pringles can, which I thought was a brilliant idea! Check out Pinterest for more creative DIY projects to upcycle a Pringles can.

Watch how Shake the Future does this in their step by step tutorial and get busy eating those chips so you can make something cool!


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