Watch The Whimsical Thing She Does With These Pumpkins For Some Fun Outdoor Decor!

Everyone will love your tipsy pumpkin planter and it’s easy when you know how. This is perfect for your Halloween celebrations.
When I made one of these, I painted the pumpkins before I put them through the spike in the ground. I just wanted a richer look than the regular plastic pumpkins and it turned out so fantastic!
If you guessed cheap, plastic trick-or-treating pails then you are correct! These came from Walmart and they were only $1 each.
While I was painting the pumpkin pails I picked up, I got the idea to make a topsy turvy planter by painting the pails 3 different colors. I had actually seen the topsy turvy planters on Pinterest, so I guess that was still in the back of my mind.
One of them I spray painted green and then added metallic copper paint and some gold leaf Rub n’ Buff. Another one I painted in a similar way as I did the original one, and the third one I painted a sunshine yellow color with some gold metallic paint on top with just a little gold leaf Rub n’ Buff added.
Watch how this gal with Leta Bit Of Everything does this cute DIY project in the attached step by step tutorial so you can get started on yours…Halloween’s coming up fast!
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