Watch The Yummy And Convenient Thing She Makes In Mason Jars!

I think we’re all looking for ideas that save us time and this is a brilliant idea for people who are busy.

I’m so glad I made these up on the weekend because they sure came in handy since I was slammed all week with my busy work schedule. It sure helped since I made 5 of these and if I didn’t eat it for breakfast I could eat it for lunch or dinner. And of course it is in a jar and why that appeals to me…I can just grab in when I’m running out the door and then zap it in the microwave when I get to work. How’s that for convenient?

I changed her recipe up a little bit, since I love peppers and sausage, especially with eggs so I wanted to include those for sure and I thought the spinach and mushrooms would be nice for color and nutrition. I added the baby spinach last and just let it wilt.

Your husband and kids will love having these available too! Sometimes my son is starving late at night and he’ll just zap one of these in the microwave and I don’t have to worry about cooking something for him during the week.

Watch how Kisha Jaggers makes these yummy breakfast casseroles in her step by step tutorial and make life easier for you and your family.


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