Watch These Brilliant Ideas For Using Those Scrap Fabrics You’ve Been Toting Around!

Need an easy way to use up those fabric scraps? The attached video shows us a plethora of great ideas, so you’re definitely gonna want to watch it! I must say that I was pretty intrigued by all the great ideas!

I’m a big DIY’er and I got so many ideas from watching the video I’ve attached below. I’ve been toting around fabric scraps from one place to another every time I move and I’m definitely going to put some of these great ideas to use. I got so excited about all of them!

There are actually tutorials for the majority of these projects on YouTube, but many of these ideas don’t need a tutorial. I saw making a map out of scrap fabrics on there right before I ran across this video. I paused on the scrap map for a while…it’s a really cool project for using up some of those scraps.

I really liked the denim flowers with embellishments on them. They would look great on a jacket, as a brooch, pillows, bags…all kinds of things! The other flowers in this video are pretty cool too, so I’ll have to make those too!

Oh, and did I mention the precious bird pillow in this video? It is so sweet, but I think I would sew them onto the pillow, rather than use fabric glue…it just gives it a more polished or finished look. But, if you don’t sew, the fabric glue is the ticket!

Watch this video and get those scraps out so you can get busy making some of these awesome things!


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