Watch This, I Would Never Have Dreamed Of Making This With Leftover Scrapbook Paper!

When I ran across these I abruptly stopped because of the wow factor of these! These type of things make me happy and I love surrounding myself with stunning conversation pieces! I made up a bunch and took them to my girlfriend who is moving to another city. She went bonkers over them, the same way I did when I watched this tutorial. I’ve started making these to keep on hand for gift wrapping and even nice little thoughtful gifts. People really love knowing that I handcrafted them and many of my friends have asked for this tutorial so they could make some, too. No matter what kind of paper you use, they are sure to turn out great. I love the variety and unique patterns in each different one I make.

The way she personalizes these flowers is what adds so much pizazz to them. It adds such an artsy flair! I find that I can’t stop making these! There is so much awesome scrapbook paper out there that it’s hard to stop at making just one! It’s amazing how one small item can brighten up a space! It always astounds me at what a few pops of color can do to a place!

Oh, and, by the way, this is a great craft project for your kiddos! They love making these beautiful flowers and have done some amazing looking ones! I never cease to be floored by the artistic abilities in children. I just love kids art! Making these will keep them busy for hours!

So, here’s another grand idea for birthday gifts. These are sure to please anyone you give these to. They are very impressive.  With all of the cool DIY crafts out there you will never have to buy a gift again…well, maybe sometimes.

Watch this awesome step by step tutorial so you can get busy creating your flower garden too!



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