Watch This To She Takes Craft Store Roses and Makes Something You Would Swear Came From Pottery Barn!

I’m always looking for a DIY project to improve and embellish something in my home and when I ran across this tutorial, by Mr. Kate, I HAD to do this right away! I had seen one of these in a Pottery Barn catalog and, of course, it was pricey! Now that I’ve made this myself it’s absolutely stunning and has transformed the look in my bedroom! It has added so much charm and softness to the room. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and especially because it’s so stinkin’ EASY and CHEAP! You can find lamp shades cheap at thrift stores or yard sales. I got mine for $1! Also, the artificial flowers are really cheap at the dollar store.

So, are any creative juices flowing yet?  Don’t let Pottery Barn get you down, use those pages to ignite and spark something that you haven’t thought of before…that’s what I do when I can’t comprehend spending that kind of money. I’m always finding great DIY ideas in the catalogs I get in the mail.

Don’t you feel so accomplished when you make something that you’ve seen that has a big price tag? I know I certainly do! I did one of these with pink roses for my little girl’s room and it is so sweet. She really loves it too! Keep in mind that you can use a mixture of fabulous flowers and colors on a lampshade.  You’re not confined to roses. Make a floral bouquet on your lampshade…it’s stunning! When you turn your lamp on at night, it is especially lovely.

Watch this simple step by step tutorial and get busy making your charming lampshade a flower garden!

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