Watch What Happens After She Puts Paint On This Old Chair!

I love repurposing old things and giving them a brand new lease on life!  This wacky lady is fun to watch…I’ve seen several of Debi’s Design Diary videos and she cracks me up! She’s got some pretty dynamite projects. I love what she does with this chair! I think every Princess should have one and if you don’t think you’re a Princess, you’ll certainly feel like one when you sit in this chair!

When I first saw this chair I thought “isn’t the glitter gonna get all over you when you sit on it?”  Nope, the way she mixes the glitter with Modge Podge and then goes back over it with plain Modge Podge, it seals the glitter!  I think it’s a real stunner!  Every gal needs a gold glitzy chair and this one is the perfect one!

The rhinestones she puts on the chair trim is the perfect touch for the diva in us! So let your inner diva shine! I say go for it and make your own personal throne! This is a posh chair to go in front of your vanity to sit in while you apply your makeup! I just love girly things and what’s better than a little bling to make you feel special?

I pick up chairs, people are throwing away, all the time. In my Mother’s neighborhood people put their old furniture out to be picked up, once every couple of weeks, and I’ve acquired some amazing finds this way!  Or, thrift shops always have great furniture for cheap!  Right now I’m living in an apartment and people put the most amazing things by the dumpster when they move. You wouldn’t believe the awesome things I’ve found! No, I’m not really a “dumpster diver”, but I have been known to pull some fabulous things “out” of the dumpster on occasion! I’m not proud…I know what kind of magnificent things I can turn them into!

Watch this tutorial and make yourself a royal throne!  Maybe your friends want one too, so SHARE this with them on Facebook! They’ll love you for it!

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