Watch What Happens When He Attaches These Jars To This Box!

Most of us think that mason jars are only used for canning, painting on, blinging out, organizing, putting candy and special gifts in, but in this DIY project none of those apply. This is a totally different use for mason jars and I was rather surprised at this brilliant idea.

Now I know that many of you aren’t bee keepers (right now), but for those of you who are, or are toying with the thought of doing this, here’s an amazing trick that you’re definitely gonna want to try…or maybe after seeing this, you will be convinced that you need to do this!

The mason jars attached to this bee keeping box makes collecting your honey combs super easy and clean! Have you ever wanted to have fresh honey right in your backyard? Well, then you’ve got to try out this beehive in a jar method!

Beekeeping is a great activity for homesteaders. If you’re concerned about the space, don’t be. There are lots of solutions out there, you can even try my favorite DIY mason jar beekeeping. You’ll just need a couple of supplies to get started, some wood, the bees, and you guessed it, mason jars!

So scroll on and check out Shepherd School’s step-by-step tutorial so you can get started on beekeeping the easy way.




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