Watch What He Does After He Presses These Flowers, Plus The Other 9 Great DIY Decor Ideas!

Many of us look for clever DIY decor projects so we can save money on decorating our home, plus, it’s a great hobby for utilizing our time! These decor ideas are very affordable and easy to make…my kind of projects!

These are some great home decor projects. His first home decor project is beautifully simple, yet very eye catching when hung on the wall. He pressed some flowers and leaves between wax paper and placed some heavy books on top and left it for 4 days. Then he used hot glue to attach them to a canvas and it was done!

The next project he does is a frosted glass vase, giving it an etched look, after gluing a design cut out of paper to the vase. He sprayed it with sea glass spray paint and removed the design to reveal a stunning etched glass looking vase.

Then he made a hanging mirror attached to a jewelry holder, which is quite clever and modern looking, as are all of the projects he does in the tutorial that is attached below. The thing that all of them have in common are that they have clean simple lines, giving them all a classy crisp fresh look about them.

He does 7 more projects in his tutorial that you must watch to get the scoop on how he does each of these projects in his step by step tutorial. Enjoy!




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