Watch What He Does To Show His Fish Swimming Above The Natural Water Level (Brilliant!)

This is such a clever DIY project that would have never occurred to me to do! Many times you can’t see your fish in an aquarium, for all the greenery and rocks, but this interesting addition allows you to see them!

While many people who keep fish as pets are content with a simple fish bowl with pebbles, some seaweed and an obligatory treasure chest, there are others who take home aquariums to an entirely new level.

And since the fish couldn’t care less whether they share their homes with plastic Cinderella figurines or fancy marine plants, the options for designing these habitats are limitless.

I’ve seen a lot of fish tank ideas, but never have I seen one like this! Some people hang their fish tanks on the wall, keep fish in a see through coffee pot, display them in a blender (without the blades, of course) and I’ve even seen a fish aquarium water basin, for only $4900, I might add!

I know many of us don’t have fish aquariums, but perhaps you’ve been wanting to add one to your home and this is certainly an idea if you’re gonna buy the typical square glass acquarium.

Watch how NightHawkInLight does this in his step by step tutorial and take a shot at doing this yourself!


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