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Watch What She Adds After Putting Bacon In This Muffin Tin (So Clever!)

Ooooh, this made my mouth water when I ran across this tutorial and I just had to make it! This is something you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner…so yummy!

Egg Muffins, aka baked omelets/mini frittatas, are everywhere — and they appeal to any busy person, whether a mom, a health-conscious individual, or a working professional.

I make the egg muffins by adding more cheese and substituting the broccoli for spinach (the milder-tasting veggie is easier to stomach early in the a.m.). Inspired, I tried this recipe out with this gal’s suggestions as well as cut down the steps, ingredients, and equipment used, so this is the easiest-ever egg muffin recipe.

Feel free to play around with the ratios if you’d like to double down on the vegetables or go heavier on the cheese. This recipe is pretty forgivable . . . just don’t flood the muffin cups, and you should be good to go!

I make a bunch of these up and freeze them so I’ll always have them on hand. This way I can just pop a couple in the microwave when I’m on the go and it’s so darned convenient. You must try making these yourself…they’re pretty awesome!

Watch how Yellow Saffron makes these in her step by step tutorial.