Watch What She Does To Kick Start Her Day In A Positive Direction!

Becca Oliver, with CraftsDotCupcake, adorns a jar with feminine lace, flowers, pearls and ribbon…all things that us gals love! She started by painting the jar with a soft off white paint and used Modge Podge over the paint to ensure the paint is secure on the jar. The most important thing she attaches to the jar are the little cards that say “What I’m Thankful For”, and she writes on these daily.

This is a sure fire way to get a positive start to one’s days. Rather than start your day in a frenzy and not taking the time to reflect, read something inspirational or write down what you are grateful for. I’m surprised that some of us don’t forget to breath in the morning!  I believe if we all did this, the world would be a much more peaceful place and people would actually take time to smell the roses, so to speak! Also, keep in mind that we’re coming up on Thanksgiving holidays and this is a wonderful project for the season!

Mason jars work great for this project, so get ’em out and get started! I made more than one when I made mine. These are fabulous gifts for friends and family. I always get such a great response when I give this to someone! Rather than make cards to write on, I scored a piece of printer paper and wrote, in each square, everything I could possibly think of to be grateful for and zeroxed  several sheets, keeping my master copy. I found that it was very time consuming to sit and re-write all of those things, so I got smart…finally! I found that I wanted to give out more of these, since I got such a big response. It’s a very sentimental and thoughtful gift to give to friends. They seem to really appreciate it more than a store bought gift.

Watch Becca Oliver’s tutorial so you can do the same thing! Enjoy!


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