Watch What She Does With This Sequined Scarf (FABULOUS)!

If you love sequins and bling the way I do, you’re gonna LOVE what she does in this tutorial! I recently found a DIY tutorial on Youtube for mirrored nightstands and dresser and couldn’t wait to change up my tired bedroom furniture. The results of this craft project looks absolutely stunning with them! I’ve finally got my bedroom looking like it is fit for a Queen! I spend a lot of time there, so why not?

If you don’t have a sequined scarf, go check out some thrift stores or Goodwill! Or, I’ve even seen people cut up old sequined dresses or skirts and use them to do this.  These are so easy to find during the Christmas holidays because of all of the Christmas parties, but since it’s not the season right now, I’m sure they are out there just waiting for you to find them! You may find one cheap on eBay! I know when I go on a mission to find something I usually find it! I did see some sequined lamp shades on Pinterest where the person used hot glue and sequins…the scarf technique is easier if you can find one. Hers was a hanging lamp. You can pick up lampshades really cheap at thrift stores too!

Glamming up your decor can certainly give you a renewed and excited feeling! I’m single so I can make it as feminine and glamorous as I want it! I’ve found so many jaw dropping tutorials and taken advantage of them. I’m so grateful for all of these DIY’s out there who come up with all of these brilliant ideas!

Watch how she covers this lampshade and get busy making your stunning lamp shade!







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