Watch What She Does With This Wood And How MAGNIFICENT It Looks!

I can’t say enough good things about this type of decor. It seems to be the big thing with home decor these days, adding richness and beauty. I watched this tutorial and just HAD to do the same thing! I’m so incredibly pleased with how beautiful it looks and the huge impact it has made with this cost efficient and quick update! I’m so happy I did this!

She wanted to make this wall a focal point in the room. She uses redwood bender boards because they are thin, rough and has so many variations in each piece. The way she stains the pieces in different coordinating colors really makes it interesting and adds so much depth to the wall. It really gives her home an updated polished, yet rustic look. When she brought in the turquoise coffee table I screamed with delight (did I mention that turquoise is my favorite color?)! I’m sure a barn wood red (my other favorite colors) coffee table would look fabulous as well! She definitely got her focal point and what a great look it is!

Rustic style may be more suitable for getaway cabin decor but little rustic accents sprinkled throughout your home works with any style. Handcrafted accents have even a bigger appeal because you can do them yourself, therefore making your home more original.

So it doesn’t matter what interior design style you’re going for – whether it’s modern minimalist, traditional, classic or something in between – you’ll always find a place for a rustic accents.

My husband and I hung our big screen TV on this wall and thoroughly enjoy it! We can watch the TV and look at our stunning wall at the same time! I think everybody needs to do this and just had to share it so you can!

Watch her step by step tutorial and put your tool belt on so you can add this awesome look to your home!


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