Watch What They Do With This Wooden Box! (PHENOMENAL!)

If you’re a lover of vintage Shabby Chic style, then this is something you’ll surely be interested in. This is a fabulous time piece that will surely be coveted by all who view it, as I did the minute I saw this tutorial. It is simply stunning and serves more than one purpose. It has storage for your books and magazines and is a great way to get them up off of your coffee table when need be.

I was so in love with this table that I HAD to have one immediately! I’m sure these come with a hefty price tag if you were to purchase one at a furniture store. So I ran down to the local thrift store to look for an old window to make this with. I actually found one at a little store on the side of the road that carried old pieces and I saw exactly what I was looking for propped up against a table! BOOM! I was in business!

I got my husband involved with this project and we got busy making this treasure! I was really impatient to get it done! Now that we are finished with it I believe it is one of my favorite pieces in my home! I just can’t say enough about this fabulous table and the storage is so convenient!

Watch how these two women on Kansas City Live TV does this in their step by step tutorial so you can get started making this extraordinary table!



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