We All Need This Brilliant Organizing Solution…It Can Change Your Life!

Before my husband and I made this my spices were all over the place in my pantry and I would discover they had fallen off the shelf and onto the floor, after I went out and replaced the ones I couldn’t find. Never understood why things show up after the fact!

The spice rack he builds is beyond genius and has saved me so many headaches and time.My kitchen cabinet has never been so organized and I can’t tell you how much I love it!

In this tutorial he used quilted ball jelly jars to hold the spices and built it to disappear into the side of a cabinet.

I never imagined something like this would make me so happy, but it makes such a difference when you find a great organizing solution like this one!

It’s so nice to have a specific place for everything, otherwise when things are cluttered it makes me feel overwhelmed. I know a lot of you can relate.

This has got to be one of my very favorite DIY projects to date since it was the brilliant solution to my  spice mess!

Watch how this guy with Unemployed Redneck Hillbilly Creations does this in his step by step tutorial so you can start getting organized in the new year!


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