We Hate The Dreaded Task Of Cleaning Blinds And The Good News Is This Easy Way To Do It!

With spring arriving I became increasingly more aware that my wooden blinds were way past due to be cleaned and, personally, I’d rather eat dirt than clean the blinds in my home!

I went on the hunt for theĀ easiest way to clean my blinds because I knew that there HAD to be a better and easier way to do this that what I’d been doing (which in all honesty I was not doing at all)! I found myself starting to clean them and quickly gave up…it was just too overwhelming and I had other things to do!

When I found the attached tutorial I got pretty excited and finally got on board for cleaning ALL of my wooden blinds. The way Katie Sottile does this in her video was something I could actually wrap my brain around.

I went to the dollar store and bought everything she uses in her video and I got busy. Believe it or not it was easy and much less time consuming than the way I had been doing this…the way that lead me to giving up, actually!

I knew I could count on the brilliant DIY’ers out there to provide an easier way to do something that I dreaded and I’m so grateful I had this information available to me. This is exactly why I wanted to share it with you. I know I’m not the only one out there who hates cleaning blinds!

Check out Katie Sottile’s video below. She shows you the easy way to do this and it’s no longer a dreaded task.

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