Thursday, December 7

We Love Our Pets But Pet Hair Can Be A Problem And Here’s Your Solution!

I didn’t have any problem with dog hair because I have two Schnauzers and they don’t shed, but, I spotted the coolest long hair cat at the pound and just had to have him! Did I even think about his long hair and the fact that he would shed enough for three pets…no! I just had to have him!

After getting him home, and I mean right after getting him home, I noticed that every time I pet him, I got a hand full of his fur! I fell in love with him at first sight, so I had to accept that he shedded…a lot! Thus the reason for going on the hunt for a solution.

I ran across this tutorial by Making It Easy With Liz and it has helped make my life much easier. Honestly, this definitely works and I was so relieved to find this information.

Even the sweetest of pooches or kindest of kitties can quickly become Dogenstein and Catzilla when you’re dealing with pet hair. So, here are paws down, the best way to manage pet hair on furniture.

It’s no secret that if you have a pet, you make peace with the pet hair and accept how much vacuuming you’ve got to do. But, if you are smart you can actually reduce your own labor and Liz shows us how.

In her step by step tutorial, she shows us the easiest and BEST way to remove pet hair from furniture. If you have hardwood floors, a swiffer can actually catch the hair in its place. So watch what she does to get rid of the pet hair on her furniture!


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