Weekly Inspiration: 10 Fun Bento Box School Lunches

Today for my weekly inspiration post I thought I would share ideas for 10 Fun Bento Box School Lunches.

Bean started kindergarten this week. How time flies I tell you. As you may recall my girl is a picky eater, the one thing that I am dreading about her being in school is packing a lunch for her. Her school doesn’t have a hot lunch program so it’s mom and dad packing her lunch Monday-Friday.

When I ask Bean what she wants in her lunch I get the same answer every time “A cheese sandwich please.” I’d like to make her lunch fun and special so today I decided to find 10 fun bento box school lunches that are twists on traditional sandwiches.

Kite Sandwich1. From Canadian Family Magazine the Let’s Go Fly A Kite Sandwich.

Giraffe Sandwich2. From Ziggity Zoom the Giraffe Sandwich.

Hello Kitty Sandwich

3. From Funky Lunch I tried to narrow my picks down to just two sandwiches. Boy they have a lot of fun ones. My favorites were the Hello Kitty Sandwich

Owl Sandwich

4. And also from Funky Lunch the Owl Sandwich.

Flower Power Sandwich

5. From Alpha Mom the Flower Power Lunch.

I heart you bento lunch

6. From More Than the Average Mom the I Heart You Lunch.

Star Sandwich Bento

7. From Adventures in Bento Making the Star Sandwich Bento.

Frog Prince Muffin Tin Lunch

8. From Another Lunch the Frog Prince Muffin Tin Lunch.

Bear bento box

9. From Hawaii Bento Box Cookbook blog the Teddy Bear Picnic Bento Lunch.

Lady Box Bento Lunch

10. Also from Hawaii Bento Box Cookbook blog the Ladybug Bento Box.

I can’t believe there are so many ideas for fun bento box school lunches.

Tell me… Which is ¬†your favorite? Have you made any fun bento box school lunches for your kiddos?

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