Weekly Inspiration- Feel Better Soon Homemade and Handmade Cold Remedies

Bean was sick this weekend. She went to gymnastics class on Saturday morning. We were home for a few hours after class and suddenly she came into the room crying and saying that she was freezing. We wrapped her in a blanket and she quickly fell asleep on the couch. An hour later she woke up with a fever of 40C/104F. She’s had fever seizures when her fever spikes so we were up through the night with her alternating tylenol and advil and laying cool cloths on her forehead.

Having a sick kid in the house gave me the theme for this week’s Weekly Inspiration. It’s cold and flu season, so I pulled some ideas from the Sew Creative Blog Pinterest page for handmade gifts and homemade cold remedies to make someone you care about feel better soon.

A few weeks ago I made homemade ginger ale syrup using this Ginger Ale Syrup Recipe from Joy The Baker. It is so yummy and the perfect thing for an upset tummy(I also made the candied ginger recipe she links to). I was glad that I had some in the house for my sick little girl.

Ginger-Ale-Syrup-from-Joy-The-Baker-on-the-Sew-Creative-Blog At the beginning of fall I made this Lemon Honey Sore Throat Remedy from A Little Life that you store in the fridge and add to hot water when you have a sore throat. I made two containers of it, one with ginger added and one without. We have since gone through both containers and I’ve had to remake them. Definitely a hit in this house.

Lemon Honey Sore Throat Remedy   I haven’t tried this Ginger Detox Bath from Beauty Bets yet (and wouldn’t try it on a child) but it certainly sounds intriguing!

Ginger Bath DetoxDo you have a Hot and Cold Rice Bag like these ones from Bee In My Bonnet? I have a few of them that I made years ago in different sizes and shapes. Kiddo’s love them in animal shapes. I call Bean’s her Boo Boo Buddy. Just stick them in the microwave or freezer for some hot or cold comfort.

Hot Cold Rice Bag

What is it with kids hating to have their noses cleaned? I just stumbled upon this adorable Elephant Tissue Box Holder from Sparkly Pony on Etsy. I think that this could be enough to convince Bean to let me blow her nose regularly, as long as I let her pull out the tissue.

Elephant Tissue Box Holder from Sparkly PonyI hope that these ideas help make the day of someone you care about the next time they are feeling under the weather.

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