What City Wins Best Weather?

I was in Palm Springs last week on a short work trip, and it was hot. About 100 degrees. Then yesterday, I saw a headline that Denver had a huge snow storm this week — it’s late May for goodness’ sake!

Some people are smart and live in San Diego, but the rest of us live someplace where we are likely too cold or too hot for most of the year. I’ve tried both. I grew up in St. George, Utah which is quite hot (though there are much hotter places!). St. George hovers around 100 degrees for at least 4 months of the year. I’ve lived in Normandy, France, which gets deeply cold and our pipes would freeze. I’ve lived in New York which is unbearably cold for a way too long winter, and also has a good month or two of unbearably hot summer.

I live in Oakland now. The average high is 67°F, the average low is 51.4°F — which sounds amazing. But really, I’ve learned you’ll never regret bringing a jacket or thick sweatshirt when you head out of the house. Oakland is always a bit cooler than I think it is in my head.

Despite the late snow mentioned above, my favorite weather of anywhere I’ve lived is Denver. This is why I like it so much:

1) You get all four seasons. 2) The sun shines on most days. (Not exaggerating – 245 sunny days per year.) 3) After it snows, the sun comes out quickly and melts everything. 4) On hot summer days, there is almost always a cooling summer shower in the evening. 5) The sky is always changing, and changing quickly, as the clouds come over the Rockies and head out to the Great Plains.

While I was in Palm Springs, I had a conversation about whether I would ever move back to a place that’s really hot, and my first instinct was a strong NO! Which is odd, because I really enjoyed growing up in St. George. But I suppose living there did leave me with a dread of super hot weather.

The conversation got me thinking about: If I had to pick one, would I prefer a place that’s really cold, or a place that’s really hot? I’m still not sure what my answer is. Hah!

Do you have an opinion on this? Do you intentionally avoid living in really hot places? Or really cold ones? What city/state/area has your version of perfect weather?

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