What Could Be A Better Gift For Mother’s Day Than A Heart With Your Loved One’s Fingerprints On It?

Fingerprint jewelry is the ultimate keepsake jewelry. Imagine transforming your children’s fingerprint impressions into metallic pendants that you wear around your neck, or making individual charms and attaching them to a bracelet.

Creating your own fingerprint jewelry doesn’t involve special training or expensive equipment. You can make it right at your kitchen table. Have you ever seen anything so unique and cool?

In this tutorial she uses Sculpy clay, although several people on Pinterest have used salt dough so you also have that option. The recipe is all over Pinterest. Also, you have the option of using metallic powder to make your heart silver.

I honestly can’t think of anything more special than giving your Mother this as a Mother’s Day gift. Not only is is stunning, but it’s an incredibly special gift that she will cherish for years to come.

These also make great gifts for birthdays, so keep this in mind for that special person in your life, other than your Mom. I just love this idea. Since I probably won’t get one for Mother’s Day, I may just have to make one and get my grandchildren to put their fingerprints on mine!

Watch how Marzipan makes this beautiful heart in her step by step tutorial.


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