What Does He Do After He Cuts Out a Bunch of These Shapes?

This charming Aussie shows us how to build something that is multifunctional and rather unique!  I was on the search for something different to put in my home and when I saw this I stopped abruptly and said “this is it!”  Watch what he does with all these shapes…you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I have a modern styled home and when I saw this multi-functional seat/table I got really excited because it was so modern looking.  Of course this can be used with any decor or even used on a patio.  You can stain it or paint it any way you want it, changing up the look, according to what you choose to do.  I put a natural looking stain on mine to keep it close to the natural wood color and it looks so stunning!

I’m always amazed at the brilliance behind these DIY creations!  We live in a generation that provides us with so many options and I feel blessed to be a part of it, and, most of all,  that people generously share their awesome ideas with everyone.

Watch this step by step tutorial and get busy building your multi-functional seat with a table!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!



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