Thursday, November 30

What He Makes Out Of Scrap Wood Is Beyond Amazing. Watch!

I got so excited about what this man did with scrap wood, since we had a pile of scrap wood in the back of our house. I got my husband on board with this great DIY project and now I’m the proud owner of one of these!
I’d had this tall skinny mirror in my bedroom for what seems like an eternity, but it had served its purpose. In fact, I was about to send it to the nearest thrift store in trade of a nice trendy upgrade, when I started browsing online for ideas.
I found this great tutorial and it involved using scrap wood. So I gathered up the scrap wood we already had and my hubby and I made this instead. The end result is a mirror I finally love, barely costing me anything at all!
I am so excited about the way my new rustic framed mirror goes so well with my barn door headboard, and it’s one-of-a-kind if I do say so myself.
Do you have a mirror this idea would work on?  If not, you can pick one up really cheap at Walmart. Then watch how Houtje Boom-Be Creative makes this fabulous rustic mirror in his step by step tutorial.

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