What Is She Doing To This Mason Jar? HINT: It’s For Sewing!

This Mason Jars DIY project is an easy way to dress up your empty mason jars as well as any  other glass jars you might have on hand. They’re perfect for storing and organizing items in your own home or you can fill them with delightful treats or handmade goodies for gifting!

If you try this yourself and the first time’s a bust you can salvage your glass or jar by simply going back over the glass with more etching cream to frost the entire glass or jar.

I had been wanting to try my hand at etched glass for awhile but haven’t had just the right project to try it on.  When I saw this beautifully etched Mason Jar pin cushion I instantly knew what I wanted to do! The glass etching was so simple and turned out with such great results!

Now I’m gonna make a few more for gifts! My Mother’s birthday is coming up and then there’s Mother’s Day, so this gift will definitely be something I’m gonna do for one of those celebrations.

Watch how Angela, with Angela Holt Designs does this in her step by step tutorial. It’s such a cool project…you’ll be looking for something else to etch right after you’ve done this one!


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