What She Does Gets Her Magical Results For Making Her Orchids Bloom Constantly. Watch!

I think most of us who have received orchids as a gift, or bought one, have wondered if they’ll ever bloom again. I know I have and I had a couple of orchids for 3 years and they never bloomed until i tried what the lady in this video does.

I discovered a few things that I needed to do in order to get healthy and blooming orchids! The first thing I started doing was to put my orchids on a watering (and feeding) schedule. I water my orchids every 12 days and I keep the dates on an index card so I can keep up with when they need watering.

After watching this tutorial I did what she suggests, only I found that I could grind the eggshells in my blender, since I didn’t have a coffee grinder…worked like a charm!

I sprinkled the eggshell powder on all my orchids and it was like magic! I had several spikes that were taking some time blooming, but after I added the eggshell powder to them it wasn’t long before they bloomed some magnificent blooms! I was so excited!

It’s amazing how excited we can get about seeing our orchids bloom. When I saw the spikes come up I was watching them like a little kid waiting for Santa at Christmas!

Watch how Jiex makes her orchids bloom in her step by step tutorial and get busy making your orchids bloom!



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