What She Does To This Lampshade, In Only 3 Minutes, Will Make You Want One!

Are you tired of your boring generic lamps, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying new fancy ones?  Well, why not do a little lamp shade make over?

You can easily transform the look of your lamp by spicing up the lampshade.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and the best part is that it’s completely custom, and will look so unique in your home.

This makeover is so simple, yet so incredibly adorable! Pom poms are very cheap, in fact, you can often times find them at the dollar store.  Take some pom poms ,in whatever color you think will look best on your lamp, and hot glue them to the shade.  It’s a quick craft that only takes a few minutes, but will have an awesome outcome.

I did this in my bedroom when I redecorated it. I always wanted a girly room and since my divorce I went all out feminine with mirrored dresser and nightstands, this pom pom lamp and other feminine accessories. Now it’s my ultimate Diva room and I love being in it now!

This is also a great project for a girl’s room or a bathroom. I have a thing for pom poms and love anything that I see them attached to!

Watch how this gal, with Makeful, does this incredibly easy and wonderful lamp in her step by step tutorial!


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