Thursday, November 30

What She Does With Her Old Wall Calendars Is Brilliant (Watch!)

This wouldn’t have ever occurred to me to do…what a clever idea! I’m always needing some of these and now I can recycle my wall calendars, instead of tossing them! I just love it that people think this stuff up for me!

I especially love this idea and most likely will be more willing to attach these little jewels to gifts, now that I’ve seen this!

We always need to give gifts on special occasions. Have you ever given gifts with gift tags? Actually, you can make a pretty gift wrap and a special tag for every present you send. Today’s post is going to tell you how to make beautiful gift tags.

Well-styled gift wrapping for me has always been something I spend a ridiculous amount of time on, considering that we all know what inevitably happens to all wrapped presents. Still, present presentation trumps practical purpose for me. Every time. I’ll admit, a lot of the time I care more about how awesomely I’ve wrapped a gift than the darn gift itself.

In the hope that I can add a little something special to my gift giving I ran across this great tutorial for making gift tags and the fact that I can recycle my old calendars made it even more appealing to me!

Watch how OneVeryHappyBird does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making yours!

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