What She Does With River Rocks Is A Chic And Stylish Addition To Your Decor. Watch!

If you are looking to add a beautiful touch to your home decor, one of the best ways to do so is to bring in more nature.

River rocks are beautifully smooth and are great natural decorating materials. They are durable so you can use them on your balcony, patio or in your backyard as well.

With their natural color and unique shape you can easily create a stylish design adding texture and contrast to your decor. There are many beautiful ways to decorate with pebbles.

Similarly to the pebble placemat idea you can make trivets and coasters as well. The DIY pebble trivet requires only some pebbles and a couple other household items. It will be the cutest thing in your kitchen once you have it. Plus, the coasters won’t stick to your glass when you pick it up!

Another popular item people are making with pebbles/river rocks are bathmats and they are simply stunning in a bathroom.

I went on a cruise a few years ago and the ship’s gift shop was selling an assortment of placemats, table runners, trivets and coasters made from white, black and assorted brown river rocks.  I was kicking myself because I didn’t buy them.
A few years and went on another cruise, my first thought was to check out the gift shop… thinking that maybe they still had those stone placemats.  Well, they didn’t.  So when I got home, the first thing I did?  I headed to our local craft stores!
Watch how this gal with A Handful Of Zoloft makes these great looking placemats in her step by step tutorial.



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