What She Does With Terra Cotta Pots Is Such A Great Home Decor Item…Useful Too!

If you’re looking for some unique DIY’s for storing condiments, candy, sugar, oats and other things in, then take a peek at the clever projects she does this post!

Attached at the bottom of this post is Hometalk’s great video to learn how to make a DIY terracotta sugar dispenser! This DIY idea is one of many useful projects that you with terracotta pots for some great DIY home decor projects that you can do yourself!

Have you been looking for a special way to put your condiments on display? Are you missing a decoration for your kitchen or dining room but don’t know what to put? Do you have a clay flower pot to spare?

Let Jennifer show you a creative way to turn your terra cotta pot into an elegant sugar dispenser. All you’ll need is a clay flower pot and plate, a round decor bowl, some paint, and a few household items to make your own terra cotta pot decoration. This DIY project is the sweet treat that your home needs!

There are so many things you can put in these…not just sugar! I can see this sitting in a bathroom with cotton balls in it too!

Watch how this gal with Hometalk puts this cute sugar dispenser together in her step by step tutorial. Photo Credit: Craft Your Happiness

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