What She Makes Is A Brilliant And Eye Catching Idea And Is Something We Can All Use!

When I saw this I couldn’t believe what a great idea this was. I think all of us need to watch this tutorial because these little jewels will make our lives so much easier!

I’m always trying to distinguish our blue suitcase from all the other blue suitcases on the luggage ramp. I can’t count the number of times I’ve grabbed someone else’s suitcase and drug it over the side of the ramp to discover it wasn’t mine..so frustrating!

I’ve had some cute things tied onto my luggage in which the baggage handlers have ripped off accidentally.  There’s no way these will come off…once it’s on your suitcase it is secure.

It was that time when I was packing for a trip for my family reunion, I decided that my average blue suitcase could use something to help make it stand out from the rest when I’m looking for it on the luggage ramp.  So I did what any other person, with a big to-do list, would do.  I decided to skip other things on my list and make one of these magnificent tassels. And, trust me, it works!

You can see this on your suitcase from a mile away and it’s taken all of the guessing out of the equation!

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes these cute luggage tassels in her step by step tutorial and never worry about finding your bags again!

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