What She Makes Is Full Of Rustic Charm And The Perfect Addition To Your Decor!

Going out to search for twigs and leaves which could then be glued on paper or turned into cute ornaments used to be a favorite activity when we were kids. It can still be now, as adults.

The projects you could do with these things could revolve around home décor. For example, twigs could be used for making candle holders or for decorating vases. These make awesome gifts for friends or family too!

In this tutorial you will see how twigs can be used to make a candle holder look unique and charming. A design such as this one can be created using a simple glass container, some adhesive for wood and glass and a bunch of sticks/ twigs. All you have to do is cut the sticks to the desired length and then glue them to the glass one by one.

What she does, that I personally love, is attach some really cool accessories to the outside of the twigs, weaving twine through the twigs. This gives the container the perfect touch. You can use keys and watch mechanisms, like she does, or any kind of trimmings. Michael’s has a lot of these things for you to choose from.

Watch how Fashion Bulb makes this in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one of these cool containers for your home or a gift!

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